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There are a lot of students who come under pressure while making a decision, choosing the stream in their Undergraduate Degree. Parents might have something for you in their mind, your friends want you to join the same course along with them, there is a lot more to it if we keep on going. There are so many good courses out there to choose from, yet we forget to acknowledge our own interests over the things we keep listening from others. If you’re still not able to stick to your Interests, then let’s take a look at Bachelors in Hotel Management. Maybe this might change the way you think.

Figure 1 Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM Course)
Figure 1 Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM Course)

Bachelor of Hotel Management Course or BHM Course is a 4-year Undergraduate Course which is partitioned into 8 Semesters. This course establishes a bridge over the understanding of a student to analyze and perform strategically in managing the hospitality sector. This course is a gateway into the hospitality sector mostly in areas like Hotel Administration, Airline, Cruise Line, and MNCs. Also, this course is a beautiful combination of a couple of academic subjects (hospitality and management courses) and professional internships.

What Makes BHM Course So Special

Let’s Break It Down, Shall We!

There is a lot of emphasis thrown into the academics along with the Industrial Training, covering major core subjects like Food & Beverage Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office and Housekeeping along with minor subjects like Indian Constitution, Hospitality Communication, Environmental and Public Health, Human Resource Development, Hospitality Law, Entrepreneurship, Revenue Management and Hotel Accounting.

Figure 2 Hotel Management and its Impact
Figure 2 Hotel Management and its Impact

BHM Course was first established in 1994, it was a 3-year course back then but later in 2000, it got restructured into a 4-year course which added Industrial Training to the pre-existing course. The new 4-year course covers all the basic skills of an aspirant and also skills related to the beverage and food industry, front office operations and housekeeping operations. Apart from just the courses, students also have a thorough knowledge of Hygiene, Food Safety, Nutrition of the food as well. The colleges make sure that the students are in line with the international standards, keeping in mind the changing trends and technology.

BSc Aftermath!

Engineering has been an inevitable field from last 2 decades and, there is a huge demand for engineering seats across the country. But the trend these days is changing quite a bit. With a huge shortage of jobs in the field of engineering, thousands of students are taking up BHM Course. It is more likely that the colleges are not keeping a keen eye on this until 2016, ever since then engineering colleges in Bihar started BHM course as a part of their curriculum.

Figure 3 BHM Course fuels the industrial academic interaction in an individual
Figure 3 BHM Course fuels the industrial academic interaction in an individual

Even colleges know that Hotel Management has huge scope in the service sector and it is well in demand. There is a huge economic upsurge for the staff who can manage operations in hotels, airlines, cruise lines, etc. The hospitality sector reached a record high in revenues in 2017, with Lemon Tree and Royal Orchid competing for the top positions.

The BHM Course also hosts external trips to outdoor locations especially within the country to gain world-class industrial experience on working of the hotel industry.

Bachelor of Technology is also an undergraduate degree and it is awarded to a student who completes 4 years of B.Tech Course. Believe it or not, engineers are in great in demand but nowadays, Supply has surpassed the demand creating a shortage. This is where the tables are turned and students are choosing other courses like BHM Course, BBA Course, B.Com Course, etc.

“Go Ahead Make A Decision Now, Hunt For Suggestions Not For Decisions” By NIKHIL NAGESHWAR INTURI

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