Few Sociological concepts everyone should know

Few Sociological concepts everyone should know: Sociology is the study of the issues in the society and thinking over and also working on how to overcome the issue and also develop society into a different place. To study about the society is nothing but study and analysing their customs, tradition, cultures, their problems, etc. Sociology can be categorized into many different types. A few of them with their brief study are given below:

The sociology of gender inequality

Gender inequality is one of the common issues being faced in the society. Though people are trying for high measures to eradicate it, still the issue is very much intact. This issue is mostly seen in backward communities, rural areas, etc. This is mostly because they lack education. They are not aware of how exactly things are and hence they prefer to follow things their ancestors followed. The hardest part is that they are following everything blindly.

People actually go for sociology degrees to understand the problem and get solutions for it easily. People who do social works without a degree also prefer doing one as that makes things easier for understanding and solving issues. This is when most of them look for the best online sociology colleges to get a degree.

Gender inequality is in its high scales at most of the places. Child marriage is another big social issue because of gender inequality. People feel that girls are born to stay back at home, do the house hold work and look after her husband and kids. They marry off their daughters without their permission or will. They are literally pushed into a world where even a ten year old must behave like a thirty year old.

There are many other gender inequality issues faced when the girls are in their educational world or their work place. They are criticized for being a girl, their emotions are hurt and they are not given any considerations. Al these are few of the issues under gender inequality. One of the common ways through which this can be eradicated is by educating people on how important women are to the society. Organising different platforms to encourage women and give them opportunities to work, improve their talents, find new skills, etc. would be of great help.

The sociology of caste and nationality

Another big issue in the society is the discrimination between different castes and religions. People fight and shed blood in name of castes they follow. This is often to find their religion at the top or that they want their religion to represent that particular place or area.

Discrimination and criticizing people from a different nation is one of the most common things faced in the society. People usually face this when they are in alien countries. There are many who travel abroad to different countries for their education or work, it’s usually such people who face all these issues. They are criticized because of the customs what they follow or the places where they belong to, etc. There are many who go for online studies due to this reason. And online education has been of great help in this case. Earlier, if a student wants to study in the college, they had to be present there. But, today they go for online education. For example, if they wish to study at Norwich University they can just look for Norwich University online and join the college to study there. By choosing this option they need not worry about the discrimination they’ll have to face.

The sociology of mass media

Mass media is a platform where we can reach a large crowd easily. It is mostly for advertising or promoting something in large. Mass media is a basic medium for communication with large audiences. Mass media is of great use but also is becoming a platform for wrong means as well.

Social media sites, television, newspaper, etc. comes under the category of mass media. In the case of social media sites, these are now continuously being used for criticizing others and pulling each other down. People use social media platform in criticizing others and also to mock others.

In the case of television media and newspaper, they are usually used for the sake of advertisement. Earlier, even the advertisements were just in words or with simple images, but presently, they actually use women for their promotion, objectify them and hence create a bad image of the women in the society. They feel it is through advertising women that they can attract customers. This is a very bad assumption what people today have.

People can use the mass media in a controlled manner to stop them to reach a state of high misuse. In social media, people can use it for their own sake rather than just pulling others legs. In the case of advertising, people can think of any other idea for promoting their products.

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